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    Addis Ethiopian Restaurant is your destination for the best ethiopian food in Richmond, VA. Come savour the taste of Africa in the heart of Shockoe Bottom, Downtown RVA.
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    Kitfo: A dish comprised of raw or rare beef...

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    Open M-W 5pm-10pm Th-Sun 12-10pm Bar stays open til 2am

    Join us for special events throughout the month, from spoken word to live music, it's always a good time at Addis


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    Right next to the train station in Shockoe Bottom.

    Come experience the richness of Richmond City and explore it's unique history and the diversity of culture that comprise it.

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    Your host most evenings. A delightful light hearted man, Bitew brings the dishes of his native land fresh to your table.

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    9 N 17th Street
    Richmond, VA 23223

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  • Kitfo

    Kitfo consists of minced raw beef, marinated in mitmita (a chili powder based spice blend) and niter kibbeh (a clarified butter infused with herbs and spices). The word comes from the Ethio-Semitic root k-t-f, meaning "to chop finely; mince."

    Kitfo cooked lightly rare is known as kitfo leb leb. Kitfo may be served alongside, or mixed with, mild cheese and cooked greens. In many parts of Ethiopia, kitfo is served with injera, a flatbread made from teff, although in traditional Gurage cuisine, one would use kocho, a thick bread made from the ensete plant. An ensete leaf may be used as a garnish. Though not considered a delicacy, kitfo is generally held in high regard.

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